Restraining Systems, Supports and Tie Wires

Restraining Systems, Supports and Tie Wires


BW Side Rail Restraining Systems

BW ‘Restraint’ or ‘Supporting’ ancillaries are incorporated to deter loading deformation of the side rails and assist in strengthening the overall structure when loaded with the side sheeting.
All loading conditions are specifically calculated, only use BW products illustrated to ensure correct stability under wind pressure and suction loads.

BW Side Rail Supports


BW side rail supports are manufactured from hot dipped galvanised steel (angle section 45x45x2mm).




BW Clamp Plate


The Clamp Plate is fitted under the bottom side rail only, to accept the side rail support and tie brackets, if necessary.


BW Diagonal Ties


The BW diagonal tie system comprises:




For more details and information, please refer to our Purlin brochure.


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