Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Our production facilities are constantly being improved: from steel decoiling, profiling, punch and press work to laser-cutting, fabrication, assembly and delivery – every operational step is subjected to scrutiny to ensure maximum performance and absolute product quality.

We endeavour to keep up to date with technology and continually work on a programme of constant improvement. Modern manufacturing of cost competitive components demands the highest quality and accuracy, and recognition of these principles drives our commitment to customer care, and our continued investment in machinery and manufacturing technology.

Our 13175m² production facility houses the following main machinery::

BW's on-going close association with providers of design and technical expertise underpins our continued product development. We also understand that a principle element in the open market is to have a progressive and technical enterprise, which is both comprehensive and responsive throughout.

It is our aim to maintain and improve this standard.

For any further information on BW Industries products or facilities, please contact a member of our sales team.







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