SFS Framing System

SFS Framing System


SFS Framing System




  BW Industries SFS range is used for infill panels, continuous walling and high separating walls.
We supply our Cold formed galvanised SFS sections in stick form for assembly on site, and manufacture the components cut to length to suit individual applications. They can be supplied in either plain lengths or pre-punched for services etc.

BW Industries SFS framing offers many advantages over traditional methods of construction such as speed of erection and completion on site, increased stability and durability and reduction of weight. Our sections are robust and sufficiently light for site handling and they don’t suffer from shrinkage or settlement in comparison to timber and masonry.
The benefits are bot

h time and cost effective, making our SFS framing a popular option to many.
With a dedicated and knowledgeable team of experienced personal, BW provide an excellent and unrivalled service from the point of initial contact right through to delivery of the steel on site.


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