SureBUILD Framing System

SureBUILD Framing System


SureBUILD Framing Systems


BW Industries have installed a SureBUILD Framing rolling mill, housed in by a purpose built factory, to produce a range of steel framing that can be supplied in either stick form or fully assembled panels. The assembled panels are fitted together using a sophisticated Rivet System, which is both time and cost effective.

The SureBUILD light gauge steel framing is a sophisticated load bearing wall framing system that offers fast erection and completion and also increased stability and durability. It is ideal for off-site construction, house building and multi-storey applications. Fully load-bearing and non-load bearing options are available, and we can provide in-house design and drawing facilities. Complete with fully-integrated 3D CAD/CAM design software by Vertex Systems and combined with the production facilities and the experience of BW Industries, this product offers performance, predictability and design flexibility.

Vertex Building Design (BD) is an advanced Building Information Modelling (BIM) software package for cold-rolled steel framed construction. Utilising BIM technology, this stand-alone software maximises productivity and accuracy by generating wall panel drawings, material reports and manufacturing data all from one source. To save on design time, wall framing drawings are automatically produced, with every component having a unique identification number. Once the design is complete, manufacturing data is transferred directly from the VertexBD software to the BW Industries SureBUILD rolling line where each part is rolled and printed with its unique number.

The components produced offer a flush finish panel, and the sections can be pre-punched to offer service slots or holes to suit your individual application.



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