Anti Vandal Components

Affiliated to the Off-Site Sector are manufacturers of Anti-Vandal Units and given our facilities we are able to produce the components for this sector.

Wall & Roof Panels, Joists, Fork Lift Pockets and Corner Posts are just some of the components we produce for this market on a daily basis.

The wall panels for these can be produced in two standard variants with either 2 or 5 corrugations and produced in lengths up to 6000mm long in either 1.6mm or 2.0mm Mild or Pre-Galvanised Steel – see pictures below:

Roof panels are manufactured in lengths of up 3600mm long and traditionally for 2400-3600mm wide units.

Roll-formed floor bearers are generally produced to a size 100x50x3.0mm in Mild Steel but as we are able to produce such sections to a massive 500mm deep and 6.0mm in gauge then we can probably produce what you are looking for – just contact us.

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