Steel Framing Systems

BW Industries has the largest range of sections in the UK market for SFS Sections and if this is the first time you have heard of BW Industries, or you are indeed a returning user, then we would advise you that we are a competitive alternative for steel components and particularly for our range of Steel Framing of both Load Bearing and Non-Load Bearing sections.

Steel Framing Systems

SFS is increasingly popular means of construction as it delivers on many fronts and offer key benefits any contractor and end user requires.

Sustainability, Durability and Affordability – Steel framing gives contractors and clients the peace of mind that they can build quicker, more accurately and more cost effectively than traditional methods. With steel sections being a non-combustible component, they make the best solution for modern through the wall construction.

The market for steel framing is quickly expanding throughout the domestic, educational, commercial and industrial sectors which is unsurprising given the benefit the systems offer. With its speed of construction and erection, high strength and long life, it is fast becoming an economic and versatile alternative.

BW Industries have invested heavily in the development of our framing systems to ensure that we are at the forefront of technology. With expert design and product quality our cold formed light gauge steel framing is already widely used in the building industry for many applications. Our innovative technology and manufacturing methods are backed up by a dedicated and highly experienced team, who strive to constantly improve and maintain the high service level and product excellence.

Infill SFS

SFS is typically used in infill situation where it installed between the primary structure.

Oversail SFS

The same products used in the infill system can be used to oversail the primary frame using bespoke bracket that BW design cut and form in our very own facility in east Yorkshire. This system allows clients to maximise floor space and can be built from the outside allowing other trades to work in tandem during the construction process.

High Separating Bays

With the boom in online ordering and the increasing requirement for out of town storage, we see a huge amount of requirement for the splitting new and existing industrial units. SFS is a quick and effective means of splitting up the units.

Load Bearing SFS

BW Industries has a SUREBuld range including a 75 and 100 stud with gauge ranges from 1.0 – 2.0mm. The SUREBuild system will allow you to build using light gauge panels effectively removing the requirement of a primary frame and delivering multi storey developments. The floors can be constructed of light gauge cassettes or steel deck and concrete depending on what the architect has specified.

The SUREbuild system is ideally suited to low rise residential schemes, flats, student accommodation, care homes and hotels.

The BW Industries SureBUILD Framing System is a sophisticated pre-panelised system that is riveted together within our factory and delivered to site in fully formed panels ready for installation. It is load-bearing and offers a fast and efficient alternative to more traditional methods of construction. Equally this can be supplied in kits for assembly by others.

We can also manufacture bespoke section sizes with our vast range of machinery, which is capable of rolling stud and track sections from 50mm to 500mm deep with a range of gauges from 0.5mm to 6mm.

All of the sections used in the BW Industries Framing Systems are quality assured to Euro Codes and rigorous internal quality procedures, ensuring the highest quality time after time and we continue to develop and enhance our comprehensive range of high quality products and services.

Key Facts and Benefits

  • Structural Framing Systems to suit all applications (loadbearing and non-loadbearing)
  • SureBUILD Framing can be delivered to site pre-panelised
  • Wide range of sizes available from 50mm to 500mm webs with a range of gauges from 0.5mm to 6mm
  • Delivered to site pre-punched and cut to length ready for installation
  • Speed of erection and completion on site
  • Increased stability and durability
  • Galvanised steel for tough, continuous long life protection
  • Quality assured products with reliable performance
  • Consistency, accuracy and precision time after time
  • BW section properties are calculated in accordance with BS-EN 1993-1-3
  • Quality assured to Eurocodes
  • Rigorous internal procedures ensures quality
  • All of the steelwork is 100% recyclable

For further information, please contact a member of our dedicated sales team.

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