Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Continued investment at BW has seen it add to its profiling facilities with the addition of a 4kw 3 metre x 1.5 metre flat bed laser, which compliments the existing 9 metre x 3 metre laser.

These fast and accurate machines, combined with a very large work area, allows high quality cutting of any shape component giving volume productivity at minimum cost.



With computer controls and 2D Cad/Cam with automatic ‘nesting’ and 3-4Kw of laser power, speed is combined with minimal scrap returns. The speed of cutting on the laser does not invoke heat dissipation with the components, therefore eliminating any distortion which would occur with normal cutting techniques.

The larger of our lasers has probably the longest single bed length in the UK, allowing unrivalled flat bed length and flexibility, including a local work area (for small sheet sizes), a long work area (for longer length sheet and plate) and a split work area (for different size plates / sheets in length, width or gauge). We can cut up to 25mm Mild Steel, 10mm Stainless Steel and 8mm Aluminium, giving BW Industries a leading place in laser cutting cutting technology.

For further information on our laser cutting & plasma cutting facilities, please contact a member of our dedicated sales team and to view more pictures click here.





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