Press Forming

Press-forming of metal sections is synonymous with BW Industries and our potential customers often ask us if we can produce longer lengths and heavier gauges than our competitors.

The answer to this is yes and the potential customers often become long term clients, for whom we then supply individual bespoke metal sections and/or contract volume components.

The reason for this is that we have seven press-forming machines within our modern manufacturing facility and have the capacity to press-brake up to a maximum length of 9.0 metres and up to 8mm or up to 12.5mm at 7.3 metres.

We regularly manufacture components produced from various metals including pre-galvanised, mild steel and plastisol (Leather-grain HP200 and Scintilla HPS200).

This is enhanced further with our other manufacturing facilities, which mean we can combine our press-forming with laser profiling and fabrication, should you have requirements that dictate a further process.

We can also arrange to deliver the completed components in either a hot-dip galvanised finish or powder coated in any standard RAL colour and we will arrange deliveries throughout the UK & Ireland.

Years of experience provide technical sales staff with a comprehensive understanding of manufacturing solutions. Our rigorous Quality Assurance programmes ensure quality and accuracy of press formed sections time after time.

  • 9.0 Metre Easy-Form Presses 2 x 4.5m working in tandem or as individual machines
  • 7.3 Metre x 640 tonne Pressbrake (6 Metre between beams) with Cyblec DNC/CNC controls and fully automatic CNC crowning, for fast and accurate forming.
  • Guillotines
  • Comprehensive range of tooling.
  • Unlimited throughput capacity.
  • All grades of steel up to 12.5mm thickness.
  • Ability to press up to 9.0 metres long.(March 2019)
  • Mass repetition to single items. 

Some of the many press formed items we offer include:

  • Grainwalling
  • Gutter Sections
  • Flashings & Structural Fascias
  • Roof Panels & Wall Panels
  • Plastisol Trims
  • Top Hat Sections
  • Stair Treads
  • Bespoke Beams (including indented web eaves beam)
  • Integrally Cleated Joists

Contact our Sales Office for further details where one of our dedicated staff will be able to assist you.

Telephone 01262 400088 or email

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