Building Wizard Software

Our Building Wizard design software is considered to be the most comprehensive easy to use purlin design tool available. It is fully compliant with current Eurocode design standards, including the UK and Ireland.
The design of this software ensures ease of use whilst giving the maximum benefit from our exhaustive, full scale testing, analysis and calculation by our in-house Chartered Engineer, and the Steel Construction Institute.

It is designed to specify our range of Zed and Cee section Purlins, Side Rails, Eaves Beams and Mezzanine Floor Primary and Secondary Beams.
In addition, it also contains Section Properties, Section Load Tables, Technical Brochures in PDF format and BW Detail Sheets. Furthermore, it has the facility to save projects for historical reference.

The software is available on USB from our technical support team.

Alternatively, you can download it electronically by clicking on the Building Wizard Software link on the right of this page.

For further technical assistance please contact either Richard Crawforth or Kevin Dorsey.

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