Off Site Building Solutions

Off Site Building Solutions


Off Site Building Solutions

BW Industries has become the UK’s leading manufacturer of steel components for the modular and portable building sector.

A wide range of rolled sections and fabricated components are available for roof, wall and floor frames, thus enabling the portable builder and detailer to focus on the architectural elements of the modular building as much as the structural design of the whole construction.

Modules can be designed, off site construction and manufactured to suit traditional, pad or clear-spanning foundations, and in turn, the modules themselves can incorporate completely clear internal spaces or a variety of accommodation uses, for example hotel bedrooms, hospital wards or school classrooms.

BW’s ability to manufacture high quality, off site construction, high volume repeat projects ensures that key worker and commercial developments can be built to the tightest of deadlines and construction budgets.

Modules can be supplied in stick form, flat pack, or as fully assembled panels, or even full cube assembly of individual units.


Modular Portable Buildings


BW components for off-site modular build have been supplied across the whole construction sector, including:

BW can produce rolled sections ranging from 50mm in depth up to 500mm, material thicknesses from 0.5mm up to 6mm, and fabricated hot-rolled sections either painted or galvanised.

We have the capacity to design, manufacture and assemble complete sectional units for a variety of portable building projects.


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